“Every day we’re a week closer to the Rapture.” One of the members of my church loves to say this because it helps him keep eternity in perspective. With all of the events going on in our world today, we would also do well to keep eternity in perspective. Here are five more reasons why we can be sure that Christ is coming soon:

  1. The cashless society (Revelation 13:16–18) – With hackers stealing credit card information from major retailers, the idea of having people take a mark to do all buying and selling doesn’t sound so farfetched.
  2. Earthquakes – Jesus described frequent earthquakes as a part of the “beginning of sorrows.” (Matthew 24:7–8) Check the news, and you’ll see earthquakes have been occurring more often.
  3. TV– Events in Jerusalem during the Tribulation will be seen by the entire world (Revelation 11:9). Television and Internet video have made this possible today.
  4. One-world government – The nations of the world will come together to form a single government according to Revelation 12:3. The United Nations and the European Union are steps which have been taken in this direction.
  5. One-world religion – The Bible predicts all of the religions of the world will combine into one religion during the Tribulation (Revelation 13:12). The new ecumenical movement is fulfilling this prophecy by uniting Protestants, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, and people of other faiths.

The Bible is literally being fulfilled before our eyes. That makes me more excited than ever about seeing my Savior. If we keep eternity in perspective, then we won’t worry as much about things we lack here on Earth. We will see the spiritual significance of life’s heartbreaks, brokenness, losses, and trials (although we may not realize this until after we have endured them). We will resist temptation because we want Christ to find us pure and blameless at His return. An eternal perspective will help us choose what is best over what may seem to be good. Are you ready to meet Jesus? He’s coming sooner than you might think.


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Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder