This would be her last meal before she died. As the widow gathered sticks near the gate of the city for the last time, she looked up and saw the distinguished prophet Elijah approaching. The prophet greeted her and asked for some bread and water. She looked down at the two sticks she had found, and then she looked at the man of God. “I don’t have any bread. I only have a handful of meal and a little oil. I’m gathering these two sticks to prepare the meal for me and my son so we can eat it and die.”

Elijah appeared indifferent. He answered, “Go and do as you have said, but first make a small cake for me. Then you and your son can eat the leftovers.” How would you like to be in the poor widow’s shoes after hearing a request like this from God’s man?

But Elijah did not leave the widow without hope. He told her God had promised to keep her reserves of meal and oil from being depleted until the famine had ended. She would have more than enough if she would only part with the little she had. The widow had to exercise faith before she could experience God’s blessing. When she chose to do it God’s way, He took care of her.

Sometimes God asks us to surrender our plans, relationships, reputation, possessions, and desires for His sake — not to deprive us of the things we cherish; but so we will completely trust Him to lead, sustain, and develop us. Though we may not initially see the blessings which follow our obedience, time will prove that doing it God’s way was best.

Is God asking you to surrender something to Him today? He may be leading you to give Him your marriage problems, to hand over the frustration stemming from your slow spiritual progress, to let go of your ungodly friends, or to release your grip on your possessions. Your response will determine whether your faith rests in God or in yourself. Try trusting God. It will be well worth it.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.