Today’s Scripture: Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. Colossians¬†3:2

D.L. Moody once told a story about a bedridden woman who possessed a strong faith in God. She lived in an attic bedroom on the fourth floor of a very dilapidated house.

One day, a friend came to visit her and brought along a very well-to-do woman. They began the descent up the stairs. As they reached the landing on the 2nd floor, the wealthy woman looked around and curled her nose, “It’s not a very nice house.”

“That’s okay,” the friend said, “It gets better higher up.”

When they reached the third floor, it was even worse, and the well-to-do lady again shared her disgust with the friend. The friend again replied, “It gets better higher up.”

Finally, they reached the fourth floor and walked into the attic room. They reached the bedside of the sick lady and witnessed a smile that radiated the joy in her heart. But the rich lady could only notice the dangling cobwebs, the musty odor, and the creaking floorboards beneath their feet.

“You must hate having to be trapped in here,” she said. But the sick woman replied without hesitation, “It’s better higher up.”

What was it that gave her such a peaceful perspective? She didn’t set her eyes on the decaying, temporal world around her. She fastened her focus on Heaven and found the secret to lasting contentment.

Dear friend, don’t let this world get you down. You’re a Christian, and you have the promise of Heaven waiting. Don’t forget – it’s better higher up.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.