Have you heard the news? Medical science has made another amazing breakthrough. Scientists have created a toothpaste-like bone-bonding compound which can be injected into the body. After 10 minutes, the compound hardens. In 12 hours, it becomes as dense as natural bone.

Science Journal conducted a study of the bone-bonding material and found it nearly matches the composition of natural bone crystals. Because of the similarities, the body does not reject the compound. Instead, it replaces the injected cement with real bone.

According to the Associated Press, clinical trials of the new compound on patients have found, “the material has allowed patients to discard casts early — or altogether — and to resume walking more quickly and with less pain.”

One of the few things more painful than a broken bone is a broken heart. We’ve all experienced it at one time or another. As the difficulties and disappointments of life mount up, we are quickly overwhelmed. We are disillusioned after people in the church fail us, and we are driven to despair on account of our own failures. Blindsided by life, we find ourselves lying in a broken heap, clinging to the end of our rope. At the point where we cannot fall any lower or sink any deeper — the bottom — then we find a bone-bonding Compound which heals our brokenness and sets us back on our feet. His name is Jesus.

Having a relationship with Jesus Christ ensures we never stay at the bottom. In the midst of our heartache and frustration, He infuses our hearts with an assurance of His presence and power. He fills the fractures with a reminder of His unchanging love. He heals the wounds — in a way no other remedy can.

Are you weary of the burden you have been bearing? You may feel discouraged, but don’t give up yet. Your Savior is with you. At the right time — and not a moment later — He will bring healing to your troubled heart.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.