Sgt. Edwards, from Clinton Township, Michigan, knows life can be filled with pain.

As a sergeant in the US Army, Edwards was stationed in Afghanistan for 18 months. During that span of time, he was wounded in action by a car bomb.

When he returned home to recooperate from his injury, his mind began to fill with thoughts about life after death. Despite Edwards’ setback, he re-enlisted in the service and was scheduled to return for another tour of duty.

Still searching for answers to the questions which filled his mind, Edwards called VIG. In an attempt to gain answers about life after death, he ordered our Resurrection Tracts and Prophecy Chart.

But our operator, Nathan, shared that the answers Sgt. Edwards sought could be given right over the phone. As Nathan presented the clear gospel of grace, the sergeant realized for the first time he could know for sure he would spend eternity in Heaven. Edwards placed his trust in Jesus Christ’s shed blood on the cross.

Now Sgt. Edwards knows for sure he can look forward to a pain-free future in Heaven filled with the peace and glory of God.

Story by Stephanie Scialabba