Today’s Scripture: Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles. ProverbsĀ 21:23

Recently, a young man died after digging a tunnel at a beach in Florida. After digging out an eight-foot deep, twenty-foot wide tunnel in the side of a sand bank, the roof collapsed on him, and he was buried alive. Emergency crews dug him out and attempted CPR for 20 minutes. He was taken to the local hospital where he later died. As awful as this story is, it illustrates the danger we can put ourselves in.

Tragically, the young man died. He unwittingly put himself in danger by digging the tunnel and was trapped when it collapsed on him. Just as he accidentally had part in his own demise, we can put ourselves in danger if we don’t control the things we say. The Bible warns us many times about the tongue. We read it is like a sharp razor (PsalmĀ 52:2), a sharp sword (Psalm 57:4), an arrow (Jeremiah 9:8), and a fire (James 3:6). It is both destructive and deceitful.

Our words can be used to help one another (even in rebuke), but many times they are used to tear others down. If that is the case, we need to take heed. Our words may injure those around us, but in the end, they will come down on us. We will be trapped in the consequences, and it will be our fault. Let’s learn this lesson and keep our tongue from evil. If we do, we will keep our soul from a pit of trouble.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.