“When we lose our focus, everything gets fuzzy.” Before serving as a ministry representative for Victory In Grace (VIG), Craig found himself “just doing the ministry.” Though he had been involved at his church, volunteered for different projects, and helped with the phone ministry, he did not have the right focus, and everything became fuzzy for him.

Eventually the bottom fell out in Craig’s life, and he lost his job. When this happened, he almost wanted to quit. Discouraged, he prayed, “What do I need to do for God?” He decided to help with VIG phones again.

This decision became a turning point in Craig’s life. He recalled, “I was able to get my mind off my own problems.” Craig discovered his past experiences allowed him to help VIG callers. He has been able to lead many of these people to Christ.

Craig’s success in VIG’s phone ministry proved both a learning and growing experience for him. The response from callers he led to Christ on the phone encouraged him to continue sharing his faith (and to encourage others at VIG with the exciting salvation stories). This unique ministry also taught him the importance of refocusing on reality and spending time in prayer. Now he feels better prepared to face future challenges in his life.

Please pray for Craig and all of the ministry representatives at VIG. God may use you to meet their spiritual needs even as they seek to meet yours.