Today’s Scripture: But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumblingblock to them that are weak. 1 Corinthians 8:9

When we first got our campus for Dayspring Bible College and Seminary, it needed a lot of work. The summer before our first school year at the new property, I was working on a project with a young man in a crawlspace. I told the young man to do a list of things and I walked away. I assumed that when the young man was done, he would come up and close the trap door. I didn’t double-check afterward, so I take full responsibility.

That evening after dark, Jim, a faithful man on our staff, came in to check on some of the systems of the building. In the dark, he walked right into the trap door, fell, and hurt his leg. I felt terrible. It was my fault that this man fell.

Friends, may I caution you? It is one thing for us to cause someone to physically fall; it is another thing for us to be the reason why someone falls spiritually. Think of the people that might have been led to Christ through them. We can allow somebody to stumble when we care more about our liberty than about the other person.

How can we use our liberty to cause others to fall? Here is a good example. A Christian may want a very nice meal at a very good price. He decides to go to a casino and eat from their buffet. Technically, he is not gambling, so he figures he can use his liberty to get a cheaper meal.

A new Christian sees the man entering the casino and thinks that the other Christian is fine with gambling. The new Christian either starts gambling, stops trying to quit gambling, or even quits trying to serve God because he assumes all Christians are hypocrites.

I will never walk into a liquor store to buy soft drinks. Why? I don’t want to cause somebody else to stumble. True liberty is when we limit ourselves to not do anything that may cause another to stumble.

Devotional by Jim Scudder Jr.