It was a dream come true . . . or was it more than that? Royalty had condescended to mingle with the likes of working-class peasants. With some down time following an official engagement, an English monarch decided to visit with some of the villagers under his jurisdiction. No one recognized him without his royal robes and crown. As he knocked on one peasant’s door, he was greeted by a gruff-sounding, English-accented voice. “Who goes there?”

“Just an old friend,” answered the king.

The peasant opened the door, scanned the guest’s facial features and clothing, and uttered, “I’ve never seen you a day before in my life. Why don’t you run along and go bother somebody else?”

And that is what he did. Imagine the horror in the peasant’s heart when he later discovered his guest had been none other than his Royal Majesty. What a pity to have turned him away.

This was not the first time royalty humbled itself to grace the lowly. Jesus left His throne in Heaven to live among people of low estate. He lived among social outcasts. He was scorned and slandered by the intellectuals of His day. One of His followers betrayed Him. His own people rejected Him and condemned Him to death.

Whereas the English peasant missed out on the opportunity to accommodate his king, anyone who rejects Jesus Christ will miss out on eternal life in Heaven. This may be your only opportunity to put your trust in Christ as your Savior. Don’t turn Him away. He wants you to partake of His riches in Heaven. Yes, He died — but He did it for you. He rose again to prove God had accepted His payment. The only thing left for you to do is believe in Him. Then the dream of eternal life will come true for you.

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Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.