Is it possible to become an employee your boss can’t live without in today’s unstable job market? Sure it is. When some CEOs were asked how they made it to the top, most of them said they started by doing better than anyone else at their first jobs. This takes a lot of hard work.

There are some other characteristics that good workers need to have if they want to become invaluable to their bosses. Joseph G. Hadzima, Jr. lists seven ways you can become an even greater asset where you work:

  1. Ability to deal with risk — working towards a goal and making good decisions even when there is incomplete information.
  2. Results-oriented — taking ownership of the task and seeing it through until it’s finished.
  3. Energy — commitment to the organization’s goals and overall success displayed through enthusiasm and consistent, higher-than-expected output.
  4. Growth potential — willing to accept higher levels of responsibility.
  5. Being a team player — recognizing how your role and the roles of others contribute to the organization’s success.
  6. Multitasking ability — being flexible to accept new tasks and responsibilities, as well as willing to do menial tasks.
  7. Improvement-oriented — unwilling to settle for the status quo, but eager to improve existing methods.

The Christian’s goal for being an effective worker shouldn’t be to earn a promotion or climb the corporate ladder, although his work efforts may cause him to earn these honors. His work should be motivated by a desire for eternal rewards in Heaven, and a desire to be a light for Christ to the people at his job. That said, see which of these characteristics you need to put into practice as you get ready for another work week — so you can please God. The better you desire to please Him, the more invaluable you will be to your earthly employer. That’s the best way to get a promotion.

Two-thirds of promotion is motion. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder