Six hours into British Airways Flight 2069, everyone was suddenly jarred awake by a violent dip of the airplane. A 27-year-old deranged man had rushed into the cockpit and momentarily gained control of the plane. When the pilots jumped on him, they were able to pull him away from the controls for just a moment, but the man regained control of the airplane. He locked himself onto the controls and pushed the 747 into a deep and violent plunge.

Earlier that day a man named Clark Bineham had gone to London’s Heathrow Airport for a flight from London to Uganda, but learned it had been cancelled due to bad weather. He had to take a later flight, Flight 2069. He was leaving on a short-term mission trip. Bineham said that he saw a flight attendant going to assist in the cockpit and realized it was his calling to get involved. The 6’7” preacher dove into the cockpit and threw the deranged man on the floor between the first couple of rows. The pilot was then able to get the plane back on track. He later said that if the plane had continued in that descent for 2 or 3 more seconds, he would not have been able to recover it.

Perhaps you are going through a difficult time and aren’t sure how you are going to make it. Don’t forget, just as Bineham used his strength to change the outcome of the pilots’ and passengers’ desperate situation, God can overrule in your life as well.

God never does anything to you that isn’t for you. – Elizabeth Elliot

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder