Much is often taken for granted by those to whom much is given. A popular Christian author visited the famous geyser, “Old Faithful,” in Yellowstone National Park with his wife. Tourists armed with video cameras flocked around the geyser’s crater. A large, digital clock predicted when the geyser would next erupt.

The Christian author and his wife enjoyed the view from the dining room of the nearby Old Faithful Inn. When the digital clock had only one minute remaining, they rushed to the windows to witness the famous geyser erupt.

The busboys and waiters who staffed the restaurant took this as a cue to clear the tables of dirty plates and refill water glasses. While the tourists stood transfixed by the remarkable phenomenon, none of the servers paid Old Faithful any attention. They had seen it so many times they took it for granted.

No one is guiltier of taking the faithfulness of God for granted than Christians. Not only do we have natural wonders such as Old Faithful to enjoy on a daily basis, but we also have the message of the cross and the empty tomb, the assurance of sins forgiven and a home in Heaven. Day after day, God blesses us from the faithful fountain of His love — but many of us grow accustomed to this wellspring. Instead of being humbled and filled with gratitude, we become just like the busboys and waiters at the Old Faithful Inn. God’s blessings don’t impress us anymore. Pride and the cares of this life cause us to take them for granted.

Have you lost the sense of wonder at God’s faithfulness in your life? Maybe it has been replaced by the responsibilities of work, school, or your family. You can get it back when you begin to take stock of God’s blessings over the course of each day. Life. Health. Good friends. A loving family. Adequate transportation. A successful meeting. A good score on a test. The wisdom to respond well in a difficult situation. Make a list of these benefits as you receive them, and take time to thank God for each of them. God is faithful to keep His fountain of blessings flowing for you. The question is will you continue to appreciate it?

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.