It is easy to not see the church as an organism of living people but rather see it simply as an organization. We view the church as we would a business. But the Church is a living body made up of believers. When something affects one believer, it affects the entire body.

When one part of the body suffers, the other parts of the body should suffer. One way we can help the body in its suffering is by bearing the hardships of other people. We can carry our brothers’ and sisters’ burdens.

If we viewed the church as a business, then we would say, “That person isn’t doing very well and is hurting the bottom line, so he needs to be fired.” But in the body of Christ, it is far different. We need to suffer when others suffer and hurt when others hurt.

This means that we need to not be listening to gossip and make sure that untrue rumors aren’t spreading. One pastor wrote, “Your attention should be focused on two things. 1. Winning others to Christ. 2. Looking at the church as the body of Christ and keeping it as strong as possible.”

If you are doing these two things, I guarantee that you won’t have a problem with gossip and you won’t have time to blame others for your mistakes.

You will be too busy focusing on the body of Christ. You will be too busy helping others and keeping the body of Christ strong.

The Church is the great lost and found department. – Robert Short

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder