God wants to heal us. Over the course of Jesus’ earthly ministry, He did so often and through various methods. On one occasion, he touched a leper and cleansed him. At another time, a woman touched the hem of his robe and found instant healing from her disease. Jesus used saliva and clay to restore one man’s eyesight. Spitting into the eyes of another blind man restored his vision. At His word, a centurion’s servant was healed. In another instance, Jesus commanded ten lepers to present themselves to the priests, and they were healed as they went.

It was not Jesus’ methods, but His will and power which brought healing to these individuals. Anyone can touch a leper. Only Jesus’ touch brought healing. His infinite power combined with His desire to meet others’ needs saw to it that many were healed during His earthly ministry.

But not every blind person was healed. Not every paraplegic was able to walk again. Not every dead person was raised to life. Jesus was able to physically heal these people, but He did not. Does this mean He was insensitive to their needs or the sentiments of their families? Does it mean those who did not experience healing lacked sufficient faith? No. Jesus came to do His Father’s will. God’s will for Him involved physical healing for some, but it ran much deeper than that. It called for Jesus to make a sacrifice which would bring spiritual healing to the entire world.

We must remember this as we pray for friends, neighbors, and family members with health problems. God wants to heal them. But He desires their spiritual healing (eternal) more than physical healing (temporal). Pray that your loved ones would experience the peace of God, satisfaction, and joy in Christ through their infirmities, and you may find God will bring healing to their souls. He desires nothing less.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.