A young man went to an older believer to ask for prayer. “Will you please pray that I may be more patient?” he asked. The aged saint agreed. They knelt together and the man began to pray, “Lord, send this young man tribulation in the morning; send this young man tribulation in the afternoon; send this young man . . . .”

At that point, the young Christian blurted out, “No, no! I didn’t ask you to pray for tribulation. I wanted you to pray for patience.”

“Ah,” responded the wise Christian, “it’s through tribulation that we learn patience.”

All of us have a problem with patience, but many times we aren’t willing to pay the price required in order to gain patience. Most of us, when we recognize the need for patience, pray a prayer that goes something like this: “Lord, give me patience, and give it to me now!”

Patience is one of those character traits that grows over time, rather than being given to us overnight.

To children, a vacation that is coming “soon” should come tonight. A birthday that is coming soon should be tomorrow.

Many times we don’t understand time, either. But as we develop patience in our Christian lives, we begin to see how to make it over the long haul. We stop waiting with such fear and trepidation, knowing God will work in His own time.

Perhaps you need to exercise some patience right now. God will give it to you, but it will happen in His own time.

Waiting is God’s school, wherein we learn some of His most valuable lessons for us. – Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder