God isn’t just the Ruler; He’s the Overruler. He can take what others mean to harm us and make it a blessing. During the Siege of Sevastopol in the Ukraine in World War II, a shell was fired at a team of Allied soldiers who were dying of thirst. With nothing to lose (they figured they would probably die anyway), the soldiers were surprised when the shell struck a wall and opened a spring of fresh water. The thirsty soldiers were able to get a much-needed drink and continue in the fight.

When others attempt to hurl hurtful bombshells at us with their words or actions, God can take the wrong and turn it to our good. Sometimes there are situations which are simply beyond our control, and we are helpless to defend ourselves against the onslaught of our enemies. They may try to falsely accuse us, talk about us behind our backs, cause us physical harm, or exclude us from their inner circles. When the “bomb” hits, we may feel hurt, betrayed, lonely, or ashamed. But it’s in these times that we find God is our Help and Shield. He’s the One pushing for us when no one else will stand with us. He’s the One who stands between us and those who are against us. He’s the Overruler, making good things come from bad situations.

Have you been hurt by someone this week? Maybe some careless words were said that made you feel terrible. You were punished for someone else’s mistakes. You worked hard to love your enemies, but they deliberately hurt you again. Perhaps you were the victim of gossip. A small matter has blown way out of proportion, leaving you feeling embarrassed and betrayed. For every bombshell thrown your way, God is a Bunker. He will protect you in the attack, and He will make the situation work out for your good.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder