Maybe you’ve heard about the people who quit their jobs and moved to Jerusalem to await the return of Jesus on January 1, 2000. I wonder what those people are doing now. They obviously neglected to read Jesus’ words that no man would know the day nor the hour of His return.

Though I do not know the date of His return, I do know that He will return. Until that time though, I must wait and allow God to use the remaining time to shape me the way that He wants. That requires patience.

James uses the farmer to illustrate the necessity and reward of patience.

When the farmer goes out in the fall to plant his winter wheat, he knows that he is going to have a long wait before he will get to see the fruit of his labor. He begins by tilling the ground. Then he plants the seed. Then he prays for rain. In the climate of Canaan, there were two rainy seasons–the spring and the fall.

The farmer doesn’t want a weak seedling; he wants a strong, mature crop. That takes time. He has to wait until the process is complete. If he harvests his crop too early, then he will ruin it.

And just as farmers must be patient, so must we be patient. We must know that it is up to God to bring the increase. Our task is to continue being faithful to the work He has called us to do.

Patience carries a lot of wait. – Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder