When you were younger, didn’t it help to know there was a reward for your work? Maybe your mom and dad promised you a treat if you got your homework done on time, or you received a reward in school for high scores. Whatever the case, we as human beings are motivated by rewards.

We are blessed to have the world’s largest Christian preschool. All the classrooms look very nice and well-kept. But I know that the teachers get especially creative when the director, Molly Julian, organizes a decorating contest. The rooms look really great afterwards and the teachers not only have fun doing it, but they are excited about the reward at the end.

One day we will be in Jesus’ presence. We know that when we appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ, there will be rewards for our service.  We will dwell with our Lord forever in Heaven.

There will be no more cancer, no more dying, no more crying, and no more separation. We won’t ever have to say goodbye because we will never be separated again. We will never be tempted and we will never sin again. We will enjoy Jesus’ presence for all eternity.

Most of all, we will be rewarded by Jesus for our patience. Heaven is not a reward, but a gift, yet on top of that will be blessings given to those who most cultivated patience in their lives.

Think about the rewards in Heaven for a few moments today. These thoughts will help you be more patient in your present difficulties.

The faith of Christ offers no buttons to push for quick service. – A.W. Tozer

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder