A man’s wife was great with child. Since they lived in the backwoods, there was no doctor available to assist with the delivery. A nearby friend with medical experience was summoned to serve as a nurse and deliver the baby. The trembling father-to-be clung to a lantern as his wife delivered their first child. The nurse said, “Sir, you might want to hold the light up. I think there might be another one.”

Sure enough, another child was delivered. The nurse had scarcely delivered the second child when he told the father again, “Sir, you might want to hold the light up. I think there might be another one.”

A third child came. The father was amazed. Shifting his eyes from the lantern, to the nurse, to the new babies, to his wife, he wondered aloud, “Do you think the light attracts them?”

Whether it is used in a makeshift delivery room in the backwoods or in your kitchen, light serves many purposes. Perhaps the most practical use of light is for visibility. The rotating beam of a lighthouse warns seafaring vessels of their close proximity to land. Headlights in our vehicles alert us to twists and turns in the road on a dark night. Light offers security for us as we venture into unknown darkness.

The same is true of light in a spiritual sense. Jesus Christ brought sin to light, warned us of the eternal judgment we would face because of it, and then offered Himself to pay this price through His death on the cross. Because He held the light up, all who put their trust in Him receive everlasting life in Heaven. Now it behooves us to hold the light up so others will believe.

We have made it through another month. Have you been holding the light up for others? Can they see Christ in you? Make a point of telling someone about Him today — it could be at work, at your doctor’s appointment, at the grocery store, or in your neighborhood. The world lies in darkness. Hold up the light so they can see.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.