After all the rigmarole our family went through to sell our house, it’s a wonder anybody would dare to put their house on sale. We had to have an inspection of our property before we could put our house on the market. Everything had to comply with village standards.

The inspection didn’t go very well. We were given a long list of things that needed to be fixed.

We finally fixed all the problems and hoped the inspector would give his approval the second time through. But that would have been too easy. The next time the inspector came, he asked me to make $5,000 worth of further changes. If I wanted the seal from the village allowing me to sell the house, I had no choice but to comply. The legal process would simply be incomplete without the seal.

An individual is simply incomplete without the seal of the Holy Spirit. He is the legal evidence we have entered into the finished work of Jesus Christ. The Bible says the Holy Spirit seals us like a wax seal on an official document. His work in us cannot be altered in any way. Once we belong to God, He inspects our lives and reveals our impurities so as to present us blameless before Him in Heaven.

Maybe you’ve been trying so hard to get your “house” ready for inspection that you have forgotten how to obtain the “seal” of approval from God. Just trust in Jesus Christ as your only way to Heaven, and then God will give you the Holy Spirit, His permanent Seal of ownership. No other alterations will work.

I was baptized with the Holy Spirit when I took Him by simple faith in the Word of God. — R.A. Torrey

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.