Do you know what the hardest thing is about being a preacher?

It’s not preparing messages.
It’s not getting up and speaking in front of people.

It’s keeping the church pure.  That’s about as easy as keeping the floor clean when your dog has been running outside in the rain all day and has come inside all happy to see you.

It’s raining in this world, and Christians can’t help but walk in the sinful worldview of our society every single day. Billboards, television, the internet, books, magazines, and even clothing stores all promote the world’s values. If we’re not careful, we can “track” these trends into the church. That’s why strong spiritual leadership is so important.

Spiritual leadership involves taking a stand against sin when such a stand needs to be taken. It means giving stern, somber warnings when necessary and eliminating sin at its source before it infects the church or our families. But this change starts with you—you’ve got to make sure your own feet are clean before you can tell someone else to wipe theirs.

What have you done to keep the footprints of the world out of your church and family? As a father, you can determine what your children are watching on television and lead by example. As a mother, you can provide an example of separated living in your submission towards your husband. As a pastor, you can establish biblical standards of living for yourself and the people in your church. Wherever God has allowed you to have influence, be a spiritual leader.

And be sure to wipe your feet.

A baptism of holiness, a demonstration of godly living is the crying need of our day. — Duncan Campbell

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder