One lady joined a diet club because she really wanted to lose weight. She did everything she could to stay on her diet, but somehow she kept gaining weight.

The woman told the ladies in her group what she had eaten over the past few days. Everything was good in her diet, until she mentioned dessert. She confessed, “I made a cake and gave half of it to my children. I was going to save the other half for my husband, but before he got home I had eaten the whole thing.”

The other ladies asked the woman about her husband’s reaction toward his missing cake. She smiled and said, “Oh, I baked another one, ate half of it, and gave the other half to him.”

No matter how good our intentions, the law of sin is always in our souls. Sin is secretive, constant, and subtle. Our sinful flesh will stop at nothing to keep us from being submissive to God, but thank God we have His Spirit to help us do right. If we want to have victory, we need to put on the Lord Jesus and adopt a position of authority against sin.

Maybe a besetting sin has you discouraged and ready to quit. You feel like you’ve fallen down for the last time and can’t get up again. That’s not true. You’re more than a conqueror through Christ. Take authority by reminding yourself Jesus has set you free once and for all. Then you’ll turn your good intentions into good decisions.

Unwillingness to accept God’s “way of escape” from temptation frightens me – what a rebel yet resides within. — Jim Elliot

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder