The Jr. High girls had gone over the top with their lipstick again. One day, a janitor at a private school noticed lipstick stains on the mirrors in the women’s restroom. The girls had been kissing the mirrors. After taking pains to clean the mirrors, the janitor went to the school principal with the problem.

The principal called all of the Jr. High girls together to watch the janitor demonstrate how difficult it was to clean the smudged mirrors. Pulling a dry hand mop from his cart, the janitor stuck the mop head in a toilet and began to scrub the mirror clean. Strangely enough, he never again had the problem with lipstick on the mirrors.

Not everyone has the courage to clean a besmudged mirror or a toilet bowl. Few would lower themselves to sweep the floor, much less mop it. Most who wish to boost their self-image would not pursue a job taking out the garbage. But there is a brand of men and women who do all of these things — and more — with pride. They are the few, the humble, the janitors.

Some might look upon the job of custodian as menial, but no job is too little when performed for Christ. God does not make a distinction between a Christian evangelist and a Christian custodian. Both are equal. Both will be rewarded — not on account of their position or the nature of their work, but because of their faithfulness to Christ. If a custodian fulfilled his work responsibilities with more faithfulness than an evangelist, guess who would receive the greatest reward?

Instead of seeking a high-profile job in your church or workplace, seek to be the most faithful worker you can be. Work hard, not because your boss is watching you, but because God sees your work. Labor to please Him and Him alone. You will never be ashamed, no matter how lowly your vocation. Your faithfulness will shine the dullest mirror.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.