Some people roast or fry them and eat them. Others research them because they are a potential source of energy. Most consider them outright pests. Termites, the silent-but-devastating cellulose-eaters we have come to dread, cost the Southwestern United States an estimated $1.5 billion each year in wood structure damage. Since they do most of their work undercover, they will have already caused considerable damage by the time you discover them in your home.

I’m sure many a church has been devastated by termites. The worst variety does not feed upon the wood in the church building, however. It slowly gnaws away at the church’s foundation, the gospel. This silent, but deadly pest, known as Lordship Salvation, uses subtlety to undermine the message of grace and add works to the preaching of the cross. It causes doubt and confusion, so that a Christian is led to second-guess the validity of his salvation years later. As believers attempt to make Christ Lord of their lives, they quickly realize they are waging a losing battle with sin. With no assurance of eternal life, many give up the fight. When this happens, the termites have scored another victory.

One of the most effective means of deterring termites is to treat wood so it is termite-resistant. Likewise, the best way to protect Christians from the ravaging effects of Lordship Salvation is to feed them a steady dose of grace. All believers need an understanding of the role grace plays in their salvation, their service, and their struggle to overcome sin. This will keep the termites at bay.

Have you been led to second-guess your salvation because of your struggle with sin? Do you feel that if Christ cannot be Lord of all in your life, He must not be Lord at all? He is Lord no matter what state your life is in. Allow the Word of God to provide consolation. 1 Peter 1:5 says you are kept by the power of God. That means that not even the orneriest termites can touch you.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.