Pastor David Hoke said, “Words are powerful things. They can either encourage or discourage. The words we speak ought to be words of encouragement. If you become someone who always has an encouraging word, people will beat a path to your door.”

What is one of the practical ways that we can demonstrate our love? By speaking words of encouragement to each other. It takes a lot of positive words from someone to erase their negative words from our minds. That is because we are more prone toward the negative than we are the positive. Remembering this is one of the key ways to getting along with others. We need to focus on what is right with others rather than on what is wrong with them. This doesn’t mean that we never say something negative. Sometimes we have to say something that will hurt another person. But we are not the Holy Spirit in other people’s lives. We are exhorted in Scripture to be encouragers, and I believe that most Christians don’t do this vital service enough.

Think back on your week. How much encouragement have you given to your spouse, sister, brother, friend, relative, co-worker, or boss? Are you always waiting for everyone else to give you encouragement, or are you taking it upon yourself to actively support others?

Decide today to give at least five people an encouraging word. Your inspiration will never be forgotten.

Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul. – Author Unknown

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder