A wealthy Christian athlete had a head-on collision with a poor Christian, instantly killing both men. As they stood before the Lord, an angel led the poor Christian to a huge mansion which looked a thousand times better than the nicest house in Beverly Hills. This was to be his eternal home, a reward for his service for Christ. On Earth, he had won hundreds of people to Christ, had helped the church with its Vacation Bible School, and had served as the church’s janitor for many years.

Another angel came and led the tall athlete to a small tent on the outskirts of Heaven. Because he never considered the things of God important, he had little treasure laid up for him. In his life, he enjoyed wealth, fame, and popularity; but in eternity he had nothing to remind him of these things — no trophies, medals, money, or glory. If it were possible to cry in Heaven, I’m sure this would have brought tears to his eyes. Only what we do for Christ will last.

Most Christians don’t realize that each day of their lives prepares them for eternity. Every opportunity to serve Christ is potential to lay up more treasure in Heaven. Each time they are hurt allows them to receive greater glory. Each time they pray is an opportunity to see God bless in a great way. Every day is filled with potential to do the will of God.

Instead of seeing life as we should, we have allowed the world to tell us what is important: saving up for retirement, going for the top position at work, making more money, driving a better car, living in a nicer house, and having friends. Time will tell which pursuits are best.

Are you living like the poor, rich Christian or the rich, poor Christian? Each day, you are shaping your eternity. I hope you will make the most of it.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder