It doesn’t take much to ruin a good view. The difference between the diameter of a quarter and the sun is thousands of miles. Yet if you hold the quarter in front of your eye, it will block out the sun.

The world is like a quarter which blocks out the Christian’s view of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Even though Christ outshines and outlasts anything this world can offer, when we allow the world to get in front of our eyes, we will quickly lose sight of Him. The book of Psalms contrasts the person who lives with the wrong viewpoint and the person who keeps his eyes on Christ. It says the person who takes his eyes away from Christ will sit in darkness and the shadow of death (Psalm 107:10), while the person who delights in God and His Word will be blessed. The view makes the difference.

How well can you see Christ as you study His Word (or do you spend any time at all doing this)? Can you see His hand in your circumstances? Or is something — or someone — blocking your view? Think about what kind of entertainment you are putting in your mind. Are the movies, books, websites, radio stations, and songs encouraging you to focus on Jesus, or are they blocking Him out? The same goes for your friends.

These may seem like small things which won’t make a difference in your relationship with God, but that’s the problem. Remember the lesson behind the quarter and the sun: it doesn’t take much to ruin a good view. Anything which blocks out the Son has the potential to spiritually hinder you. Don’t let it happen.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder