When my children were small, we often drove to Northern Minnesota for our vacations. I didn’t mind the long drive as long as I had a thermos full of coffee. This was before Starbucks was part of the American lexicon! Coffee wasn’t available to-go from many places except McDonalds. For only one dollar, they poured hot coffee into my thermos.

Usually I needed a refill about halfway through the 12-hour drive. It is the same way in our Christian lives. We can only “drive” so many miles without a refill of God’s power. He is the Spring that never runs dry, but sometimes we forget that when we start to get spiritually dehydrated.

Sometimes we find our care for others diminishing. We find ourselves weary in the Lord’s service. We stop reaching out to the newcomers at church. We stop volunteering to help others. We start to wonder why we feel so empty inside. It is then we need a refill. We need to go to Christ and His Word and spend some time in prayer and Bible reading. It is only then that our purpose will renew, our strength will revive, and our faith will be strengthened. We will then have the necessary energy to continue running the Christian life.

An oasis of help awaits you in the pages of your Bible. If your spiritual strength is ebbing away, then why don’t you get a refill of God’s strength . . . right away!

Christians, like pianos, need frequent tuning. – Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder