Doug Marlette is a cartoonist and he has a neat perspective on his job. He draws a new cartoon every day. Does he ever get overwhelmed by the pressure?

Doug says, “I have learned to love a blank piece of paper. It embraces me with its endless potential.”

What if we looked at life that way? Instead of dreading the drudgery of the office, the jobsite, or the classroom, we could look at each new day as a blank sheet of paper, embracing us with its endless potential.

This was the attitude of King David. He said today was “the day that the Lord hath made,” therefore we should “rejoice in it”. Similarly, the Apostle Paul commanded Christians to rejoice—and he was writing from a Roman prison.

As Christians, we have every reason to embrace each new day as a fresh opportunity to serve and live for God. The past is behind us, and the Holy Spirit can give us power to live victoriously for Him. There are people to be encouraged, souls to be won for the Lord, and a God to be praised.

What is your perspective on life? Are you dreading what today has to bring, or are you embracing the “blank sheet of paper” that is the next 24 hours of your life?

Remember today is full of fresh opportunities to serve God.

Each day bursts with a fresh opportunity to love and serve God. – Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder