Kids often surprise us with their unique insights. We have a baseball camp at our church during the summer in which we train children on the fundamentals of the game. The clinic is capped off with an end-of-summer tournament. During one of the games, the scores were uneven by a wide margin, with one team leading the other 10-0. A grandfather whose grandson was on the losing team went up to his grandson and asked him, “Grandson, aren’t you discouraged?”

The child responded, “Oh no, Grandpa. We haven’t gone up to bat yet.”

What confidence that child had in his team’s ability to catch up and win the ballgame! The child didn’t see what the game’s final outcome would be, but he trusted his team. As Christians, we have an incredible advantage over the world — we already know what the final outcome will be. We ought to have such confidence in Christ that we are unshaken by the perilous times we find ourselves in today.

In a world of uncertainty — rising gas prices, economic instability, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Russia, and home-grown terrorists, to name but a few of our worries — we as Christians must point people to the One who’s already won the ballgame. While we’re on this earth, we ought to try to get as many people to join our team as we can.

Have you read the end of the Book? It says you’re going to come out victorious someday. Go out and claim the victory.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.