The Space Race is over, and now NASA, the program which established the US as the foremost world power, is operating at a limited capacity. After 30 years of service and 133 successful missions, the launching pad at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida is a shadow of its former glory. Years from now, people who had the privilege of witnessing the Space Transportation Systems (STS — also known as space shuttles) take off will be able to tell their children and grandchildren how the launches caused their hearts to swell with American pride. They will be able to describe the excitement of the countdown sequence leading to the takeoff.

But behind every successful STS launch, there were millions of details which space engineers had to meticulously address to ensure a problem-free mission. One of the most basic details involved getting the Orbital Vehicle, the large external tank, and two Solid Rocket Boosters, which weighed 4.4 million pounds, off the ground and into orbit. As noble as NASA’s intentions, their STS faced stiff resistance from gravity, which had to be overcome during each takeoff.

As the Kennedy Space Center was to the STS, so the Church is to the Christian. It is a launching pad from which believers can spread the gospel throughout the world. However, each launch will be met with stiff resistance from the devil. He will stir up people against a pastor and his wife. He will cause church members to become disgruntled and offended over petty matters. He will generate discord and division among believers so that they are disunited. He will also use ridicule and persecution to hinder the work of God. If Christians are to fulfill their mission, they must overcome their enemy’s resistance by a resilient commitment to the gospel.

We have the equipment to overcome the devil’s resistance — we just have to appropriate it. I encourage you to boldly share your faith today, without regard for personal consequence. The power of the gospel at work through your witness may make a difference for eternity.

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Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.