Three obstacles hinder most people from accepting Christ and moving forward in the Christian life. First, they think God will embarrass them. Second, they believe God will take something away from them. And lastly, they fear God will make them religious fanatics.

These misconceptions stem more from a misunderstanding of who God is than from reality. Let’s tackle these common misconceptions one-by-one. First of all, we’ll deal with the idea that God will embarrass us as Christians. Being labeled a “Christian” is politically incorrect today, but the Christian’s life is an abundant life. God Himself assures His blessings and strength as we serve Him.

The idea that God will take something away from us is only partially accurate. While the Christian life often involves sacrifice, God is more interested in a willing spirit than in anything material we can give Him. That which He removes He replaces with blessings which are far greater.

While some fear that God will make them religious fanatics, they fail to grasp what it really means to be a Christian. The Christian is merely one who realizes his need, has found Someone who is able to meet that need, and has put his trust in that Person to meet his need. This inspires the Christian to witness for Christ. His belief is not grounded on religious fanaticism but on proven fact.

So rather than being fearful of God, why not establish a personal relationship with Him today? It will keep you from sin and ensure a blessed life!

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.