Do you ever get overwhelmed by the increasing corruption and violence in the world? It’s hard not to, and if we didn’t have Christ as our Hope, we might even get depressed.

We have to remember that our stay here is temporary. This is not our home. And the Bible tells us that the world around us is not going to get better, but worse. We really shouldn’t be surprised by entertainment that continues to push the envelope, by political parties that embrace ungodliness, or by a society that mocks our faith.

Does that mean we should throw in the towel and stop fighting for morality and righteousness? No. But we have to realize that one day, Jesus is going to return and every knee will bow before Him—even those who deny His name; even those who mock and sneer.

We must also recognize the real battle is not against people, but against principalities and powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12). Our hope is not in this world, but in Christ. We can smile and rejoice in the midst of our world, because we have the hope of Heaven and eternal life.

Most importantly, we must see people as victims of the power of sin. The world needs the message of the Savior and we’re commissioned to share it. The only thing that will change men’s hearts is the gospel.

So when you witness the increasing corruption of the world, don’t despair. Why? Because we’re on the winning side.

I have read the back of the Book and we win! – Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder