Does it ever feel like God has forgotten you? I’m sure David felt that way in between the time he was anointed king and the time he assumed the throne. He waited 14 long years. These were years of shepherding, running, and uncertainty.

Waiting may be the hardest thing we endure as Christians, but the moments of uncertainty often serve as the greatest opportunities for growth. We don’t do much growing when everything is going well. Why? Because we easily lose sight of God.

It’s in those waiting years, the wilderness moments, that we are forced to our knees in prayer. We have to cling to the Scriptures to find the answers, to find hope, to cling to the sure promises of God.

Maybe you’re suffering with an illness, and you just don’t know how much longer you can take it. Or perhaps you’re praying for a prodigal son or daughter, and your heart is ripped apart in pain. Perhaps you’re looking for a job, and the market seems to be drying up. Remember David waited 14 years; Moses waited 40 years; Joseph waited 13 years. Your wilderness journey may be a few weeks, months, or years; but you can rest in one, concrete assurance: God has not forgotten.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder