If I was a member of the International Olympic Committee, I might propose a new sporting event for this year’s competition, the water relay. Men and women could both compete in this game of speed, strength, and endurance. We tried this with our high school students at Spring Lab, and they loved it. The girls were given small coffee cups and were instructed to fill them with water from a nearby lake, and then they had to walk (or try running) to a large bucket where they would pour the water. They repeated the process until they filled their bucket with water.

Once the girls had filled the buckets, the young men were to carry the buckets around the perimeter of the campground to a designated area, where they would be weighed to determine a winner. We used a fish scale to weigh the buckets, and the bucket for the winning team narrowly edged out the other team’s bucket.

As we weighed the buckets on the fish scale, I thought about the difference between the world religions. Essentially, there are only two religions in the world, and they fit in the categories of “do” and “done.” The world religions teach salvation by human achievement — at the end of your life, you weigh your good works on a scale to see if they outweigh your sins. Christianity teaches that salvation is obtained by divine achievement — God reached man through the sacrificial payment made by His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross for our sins. Who wouldn’t follow a religion which offers this kind of security?

I am grateful to be a Christian. At the end of my life, God will not use my works as a basis for allowing me to enter Heaven. This gives me great security. In fact, I strive to do good works everyday because of the security I have in Christ. I don’t need a scale to provide a motivation for good works, and neither should you.

Click here to see an illustration of the sacrificial payment Christ made for you.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.