Imagine leading your army to attack a city like Jericho. The walls were so high and wide, they appeared to reach into Heaven. The fortress city was considered impregnable.

Two walls surrounded Jericho. Recent excavations have revealed the first wall was a revetment wall which supported the earthen foundation. Another wall, standing about 20 feet high and at least 6 feet thick, was built directly on top of the revetment wall. Rising at a gradual, 40-foot incline from this wall was the inner wall, which shared the same dimensions as the first. The city’s design gave onlookers the impression of seeing a wall rising all the way to the sky.

Joshua and the people of Israel did not cower in fear as they faced this formidable opponent. Instead, they obeyed the Word of God and saw their enemy’s defenses crumble before them. Was it Israel’s superior weaponry and skilled army which brought victory over the Jericho fortress? No. They obtained the victory through faith. And so faith is the means by which you and I can overcome the fortresses of the world, the flesh, and the devil, and enjoy our inheritance in Christ.

Our enemies are powerful and their devices intimidating, but they are no match for our God. When God says to trust Him, we can afford to hold nothing back—relationships, family issues, or financial and legal concerns. He wants to flatten our fortresses, but He won’t do it until we trust Him. Take a few moments to meditate upon today’s Scripture reading and make it a prayer to God. Determine you will trust Him no matter what.

A little faith will bring your soul to Heaven, but a lot of faith will bring Heaven to your soul. — D.L. Moody

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.