If God judged me on the basis of what other people thought about me, then I would have quit the ministry a long time ago. As a pastor, literally everything you and your family do is put under a microscope and judged. One pastor friend had a woman tell him that his wife smiles too much — and then the woman and her husband left his church. The prophet Jeremiah had a similar experience when he was imprisoned for speaking the Word of God

While we should be concerned about our testimony before the world around us, we can’t waste our time worrying about everything people think about us. We will never be able to please people; and so I figure, why try? God is on our side, and He judges us on account of the works we did for Jesus Christ, His Son — not what people think or what history determines about us years from now. His opinion of us is the only one that matters.

So will you live to please Christ, or are you going to try making the world your friend? You’re free to choose which one you want, but you can’t have both. Ladies, will you follow the Bible’s guidelines for modesty in your character, appearance, and conduct, or will you please the world by embracing its lifestyle? Men, if you want to please Christ and provide spiritual leadership in your home, you may have to forfeit some screen time (time in front of the TV and computer) to spend more time in the Word and with your family.

Choose to serve Christ with all you have, and people may think you’ve lost your mind. They will laugh at you and leave you. But remember, you are living to please the King of Kings. Only His opinion matters.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder