Do you sometimes read your Bible and say to yourself, “I’m just not getting anything out of it?” I think we’d all be dishonest if we didn’t admit to times where the Bible just seems like words, principles, or rules.

When we don’t get anything out of our Bible reading, it’s usually because we don’t expect to get anything out of it. What do we usually look for? A powerful principle to take us through the day. Maybe conviction of a sin in our lives or an encouragement to keep going.

But we don’t worship a set of principles. Christianity isn’t merely a belief system or a core set of values and ideas. It’s more than that. It’s about a Person, Jesus Christ. His chief desire is to have a deep and abiding relationship with us.

So when we crack open the Bible, instead of only looking for an inspirational nugget to take with us, let’s look for a Person. What is God saying to me through this passage? What does this tell me about His character? How can I exemplify this in my own life to more closely reflect the mind of Christ?

Then meditate on this in the presence of God. You may only read a short portion of Scripture, but reflect upon it for a long time. That’s okay, because you’re drawing closer to Christ.

When we worship a Person instead of a system, we’ll experience a deep, satisfying relationship with the King of Kings.

Worship is giving to God the best He has given to us. — Oswald Chambers

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder