A Dr. Brown was visiting a sickly woman, Janet, who was on her deathbed. During one of his visits, he asked her, “Janet, have you put your trust in Christ?”

She replied confidently, “I sure have.”

And so he asked her, “Do you know you’re going to Heaven?” She answered in the affirmative again, which brought on his next question, “Janet, what would happen if you thought you knew you were saved, and yet you died and found that you were going to Hell?”

She answered, “It can’t happen, because it would cost God more than it would cost me.” When questioned about her statement, she profoundly stated, “He’d have to break His Word. That would break His very foundation, and His whole world would have to be destroyed, because God can’t lie.”

Just try for a moment to visualize Janet’s faith in God. It is nearly inconceivable. So many times we pay lip service to the notion of faith in God, singing about it, even hearing it from the pulpit each week. But how many of us strive to develop a living and active faith in Him, a faith grounded on the basis that God has more at stake than we do?

You may be experiencing a financial crisis, enduring injustice, or struggling to maintain a close walk with God. Take Him at His Word. He will deliver on His promises. He will not go against His character. Give Him your total trust.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.