An elderly farmer and his wife interviewed a prospective farmhand who sought a job. The young man claimed he could sleep through a violent storm. The farmer and his wife didn’t understand what he meant, but they liked him and gave him the job.

When a fierce storm struck a few weeks later, the farmhand’s mettle was put to the test. The sounds of strong winds and pelting rain awoke the farmer. After a quick grounds inspection, he returned to find the farmhand sound asleep before the fireplace. The barn had been locked, the animals had been secured, and the farm implements had been safely stored before the storm. The farmhand had even cut firewood and stacked it in a pile by the fire. He had prepared for the storm, and now he could sleep through it.

There is a violent storm coming and we need to make ready. I’m not referring to a tornado or hurricane. I’m referring to the Tribulation Period. I believe the Bible clearly teaches Christians will not be present for the Tribulation, but there is much we can do to prepare for this storm.

  • Find what is good, and hold on for dear life. (1 Thessalonians 5:15, 21)
  • Make the choice to rejoice. (5:16)
  • Keep praying. (5:17)
  • Thank God for everything. (5:18)
  • Keep the Holy Spirit’s flame burning brightly in your life. (5:19)
  • Embrace the teaching and preaching of the Word. (5:20)
  • Avoid the appearance of evil. (5:22)
  • Be above reproach. (5:23)

As we prepare ourselves for the Lord’s return, our lives will become a better influence of Christ to others—and we will not lose rewards when we meet Jesus. Wouldn’t it be great if others came to embrace our hope in Christ through our testimony? Live so you won’t have to be scared and impaired because you didn’t prepare.

Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.