Has anyone ever gone out of their way to show you kindness? When he was just a boy, D.L. Moody went with his older brother on a walk to a town that was several miles away from their home. As they walked the streets, an old man approached them. D.L.’s brother recognized the man and told D.L., “There is a man that will give you a cent. He gives every new boy that comes into this town a cent.”

D.L.’s brother walked over to the man and introduced him to D.L. The older man took off D.L.’s hat and placed a trembling hand on his head. Then he placed a shiny coin in his hand and told him he had a Father in Heaven. This small, seemingly insignificant act of kindness made a lifelong impression on D.L. Moody. It reminded him of the goodness of God.

Whenever a kind deed is performed, a sincere, encouraging word is uttered, or a need is met, it demonstrates God’s goodness towards us. He is no miser when it comes to sharing blessings. Were you able to see the sunrise this morning? Did you have a roof over your head last night? Is there food in your cupboard? If you can say yes to any or all of these questions, then God has been good to you. But God’s goodness doesn’t end there. He created the world with His Word and pardoned it with His life. He spared no expense for you. That should make a dramatic difference in the way you treat others.

Do you leave others with a lingering sense of God’s goodness towards them, or are you too busy to show them He cares? Everyone can gain from a smile, a polite handshake, or a cheerful greeting. Why don’t you be the one to share these kindnesses with them? Your acts of goodness are worth more than gold.

Did it ever strike you that goodness is not merely a beautiful thing, but by far the most beautiful thing in the whole world? So that nothing is to be compared for value with goodness . . . . — Charles Kingsley

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.