I used to work at Brinks while I was enrolled in Bible college in Miami, Florida. For the whole summer, I would replace the money boxes in buses. The job called for six, 12-hour workdays each week. My boss told me as soon as school started, I would get an inside job as a night watchman so I could spend more time studying.

School came, and my boss forgot about his promise. My first reaction was to get angry, but I knew that wasn’t the way a Christian should handle the situation. So I went and gave my boss a notice that I had to quit. I told him, “I’m really sorry. I enjoy working here, but I’m going to get another job.”

I had started working at another security firm when I got a phone call. It was my old boss. He wanted me back and offered a job as night watchman. I’ll guarantee you he wouldn’t have reconsidered hiring me if I had a bad attitude when I first left. But because I showed respect, I got the job.

Always put the other person first—even when they “do you dirty”. You may have the worst boss in the world, but he or she is a person Christ has put in that position for you to obey. Serve him or her as you would Christ Himself (Colossians 3:22-23), and serve with humility. Determine to keep your cool and respect your authorities, and your life will be a lot better off.

A Christian is just as much under obligation to obey God’s will in the most secular of his daily businesses as he is in his closet or at the communion table. — A.A. Hodge

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder