Brace yourself. Wherever you may be as you read today’s devotional—home, work, or online—you are on the brink of fulfilling an exclusive Bible prophecy. If you are a Christian, you are qualified to participate in the next major event on God’s prophetic timetable—the Rapture.

Are you excited? Or are you petrified? The study of prophecy is the thermometer which determines whether you are spiritually aflame and vibrant, lukewarm, or dead-cold.

Here’s how you can figure out which category you fit in:

  • The fired up Christian rejoices in the implications of prophecy and diligently prepares for the Lord’s return.
  • The lukewarm Christian is a halfway saint. Though he is saved, his service is halfhearted and his devotion is split between the things of the world and spiritual things. News of Christ’s imminent return strikes fear in this believer’s heart because he is not ready to stand before his Savior.
  • The frozen Christian is willfully ignorant of future events. He knows Christ will return, yet he is not troubled enough to care. His primary concern is indulging in the pleasures of sin for a season.

Jesus is coming again, Christian. What is your temperature? Does the coming Rapture change the way you serve Christ at work? Does it make a difference in the way you study your Bible? Has it influenced the way you view the lost? If you’re fired up, keep up the good work. If you’re lukewarm, choose your loyalty before it’s too late. If you’re cold, don’t take this heat check lightly.

To be in Christ is the source of the Christian’s life; to be like Christ is the sum of his excellence; to be with Christ is the fullness of his joy. — Charles Hodge

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.