There’s a right way to witness and a wrong way to witness. Which method do you use? Back in college, I had a friend named Gary* who loved to share his faith. The only problem was he took this passion to extremes. On one occasion, I was in a restaurant with Gary and some other friends, and Gary stood up in the restaurant and started praying. He nearly shouted, “Lord, this room is full of lost people . . . .”

I wanted to crawl under my seat. I knew everyone in the restaurant could hear Gary. But he wasn’t finished. He continued, “. . . and they are on their way to Hell.” Now I really felt uncomfortable. (So much for winning anyone in the restaurant to Christ.)

While I’m sure Gary meant well with his prayer, he did more harm than good. He actually turned people off to the message he wanted them to hear. As we tell others about Christ, we have to be careful not to turn them off to the gospel. Here are a few things we need to remember:

  • God’s power is in the gospel, not in a belligerent attitude or demanding words. Show love toward people no matter what their beliefs are. (Remember, flies like honey better than vinegar.)
  • We are all sinners saved by grace. When this is our attitude, instead of being self-righteous or angry, we will be kind and loving.
  • Make it clear to the person that you aren’t trying to make them change their religion. This will make them open to the truth of Scripture.

The only thing worse than not sharing your faith is sharing your faith in a way that permanently turns people off to the gospel. I hope you will learn from Gary’s experience. There’s a world full of people who need Christ, and God wants to use you to reach them. Get started today.


* This person’s name has been changed.

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Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder