Guest Author

Pastor Neal Dearyan
Senior Pastor – Chili Crossroads Bible Church, Fresno, Ohio

Today’s Scripture: Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; Ephesians 5:25

It was 10 PM. We had just gotten back from Chicago with 18 people from our church. They all enjoyed the Grace Conference very much and were safely on their way home from the church. We had just pulled into our driveway, and I was unloading our luggage. Big raindrops started to fall on my third trip.

Julie was looking through the mail at the kitchen island as I breathlessly carried another load in. “It’s starting to rain,” I said as I shuffled past dragging a suitcase.

She immediately dropped the mail and grabbed the nearest shoes she could find, our daughter’s flip-flops. She headed out into our dark driveway towards the van.

2.5 seconds later I heard her scream. Three times. I rushed through the garage to see her laying between our square-foot garden and the van. She said her shoulder hurt and her foot felt strange. I switched on my phone light and looked at her foot. She had shattered and dislocated her right big toe.

As I was helping her up, our neighbor from 800 feet away came running from hearing the screams. She rushed up to ask if we were okay. I loaded Julie into the car and took her straight to the ER. The doctor on call assembled his surgery team and performed surgery at about 2 AM. I stayed at the hospital through the night until she woke up from the surgery in the morning. Assured that she was okay, I drove home and preached at our Sunday morning service and to our small groups.

Moral of the story: I parked the van by our square-foot garden (she drove a different car home from church so she didn’t see it). I could have warned Julie to watch out for it. Or I could’ve at least turned the light on so she could see. I was thinking more about me and the coming rain than about what was good for Julie.

Next time I have the chance, I hope I ask Julie to go rest on the couch after a long day while I carry the rest of the bags in. As it is, my little sweetheart has had to be on the couch for two weeks with her foot elevated above her heart. She’ll be on crutches for two weeks after that.

Husbands, what are some ways you can be more of a man than I was on a Saturday night at 10 o’clock when it started to rain?