There is a lot more to the tiny island nation of Fiji than its drinking water. The island has thousands of species of plant and animal life which make it a thrilling place to visit. Recently I had the privilege of taking a mission trip to Fiji with a young man from our church and renowned Creation scientist Dr. Carl Baugh.

One of the most fascinating things I saw in Fiji was a dark, branch-like coral which grows 1,000 feet below the surface of the water. At this depth, very little sunlight reaches the ocean floor. Somehow the coral is able to sense this light, and as the sun follows its daily East-to-West circuit the coral’s branches follow it. Even a dry piece of this coral will follow the light of a candle. This is nothing short of amazing.

Like light-hungry corals in a sea of darkness, people are desperate for truth. If we bring the gospel, they will follow the light. I saw this as our mission team proclaimed the gospel to the Fijian people and thousands were saved.

God may bring a seeking lost person to the light you bear, but He often acts in reverse by bringing the light to the lost. In other words, He sends light-bearers like you and me to people in need of salvation. As long as there are feet to carry it and lips to proclaim it, the gospel will continue to enlighten the world. The question is, are you willing to carry the light as the Holy Spirit bids you?

Opportunities abound for reaching the lost — and we don’t even have to go out of our way to find them. Unsaved people are at the coffee shop, library checkout counters, bank windows, automobile dealerships, bookstores, supermarkets, your doctor’s office, and even a few doors down the street. Can they sense the light in your life? Why don’t you bring the light to them? They will follow, if you will only lead the way.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.