Today’s Scripture: If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me: But verily God hath heard me; he hath attended to the voice of my prayer. Psalm 66:18-19

Have you ever tried to send an email and mistyped the address? Have you ever had some setting misconfigured that prevented your message from being sent? If you were fortunate, then your email immediately bounced back to you as ‘unable to be delivered’. If you weren’t so fortunate, then your email vanished forever while you were none the wiser for its disappearance.

No matter what form of long-distance communication we try to undertake, there are always problems and difficulties in the transmission. Packages get lost in the mail. Telephone lines can go down. Computers can spontaneously decide to make our lives miserable. Or those who receive our messages may not be paying attention. Many times, we’ve been left wondering whether our communication was received or not. That’s a frustrating place to be.

It’s not just physical communications that can be disrupted. Our spiritual communications with God can and will be interrupted if we let them.

One of the most amazing things about God is that He desires to communicate with us. One of the most tragic things about life is we refuse to let God communicate with us. When we allow sin to build up in our life, it becomes a barrier to our prayer life. Psalm 66:18 tells us that if we regard iniquity in our heart, God will not hear us. Many times, our prayers bring us no comfort and go unanswered because we’re deliberately holding on to sin in our life. As long as the sin is there, God will not hear our prayers.

God has sent us a love letter in the form of the Bible, God’s Holy Word. There are personalized messages and comforts there for us to receive via the influence of the Holy Spirit. Sadly, most people will never open that letter or read it. Thus, the message God has for us goes undelivered, and the communication is interrupted.

A lack of attention can also hinder communication between God and the Christian. A Christian who skips church will miss the message God has prepared for him, just as one who fails to pay attention during his Bible reading will miss the blessing of God.

God never sends His messages to the wrong place. They always arrive at the right location. We just fail to pick them up.

Whether you’ve been ignoring God’s messages or having trouble sending them, the solution is the same: confess your shortcomings to God, ask for forgiveness and then cultivate an attitude of attention and detail toward the things of God. When your communication is cleared, then the blessings will flow once again.

Devotional by C.J. Armstrong