Today’s Scripture: Thy mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds. Psalm 36:5

I recently piloted a small private plane from Ohio to Wisconsin. A line of thunderstorms rolling through eastern Ohio delayed our departure. As soon as the low-pressure system took its storms with it towards Pennsylvania, my wife Julie and I hopped in and took off.

We flew at 6,500 feet, just over the top of a scattered layer of wispy clouds. I stared in wonder at God’s beautiful creation. Julie sat beside me, enjoying the flight. She once jokingly told me that she didn’t like flying through clouds with me because God’s faithfulness only reaches to the clouds, not above them.

The farther west we flew, the fewer clouds there were in the sky. Down below, we saw farms stretched to the curved horizon. Some were freshly plowed; others were lush green. The mottled shadows on the ground were cast by the few clouds remaining in the sky.

I laughed out loud in pure joy as we flew through one wispy cloud tendril. Only a good God would make clouds to bring us shade on hot days and rain to water the crops so we could eat. He thought of everything. It’s just like Him.

The engine hummed smoothly as we cruised over Lake Michigan, the last of the clouds behind us. The view from the cockpit extended on the left down to Indiana. In front of us, the Illinois lakeshore was clear; to the right, Wisconsin spread out for miles. I overwhelmingly felt the reality of God’s mercy in the heavens, His faithfulness to the clouds.

As we descended over the lakefront and touched down smoothly in Wisconsin, my heart thrilled to know a God who doesn’t hide His mercy and faithfulness. It’s all over the sky. Previously, I’d landed at that same airport in heavy snow, during rain showers and strong winds. Every single time, God’s mercy and faithfulness have been evident, literally written in the sky.

Take a moment and pray with me, thanking God for His mercy in your life. Thank you, Lord, for showing your mercy to us every day. Thank you for being faithful to us, so constant and good. We see your fingerprints all around us when the sun comes up and during moonlit walks. You love us and we’re so grateful.

Devotional by Pastor Neal Dearyan