Today’s Scripture: Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I┬ápray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice. Psalm 55:17

There are countless ways to communicate in today’s world. We never leave the house without our phones, smart watches, tablets…you name it, and we’ve got it at our fingertips. We are able to get a hold of pretty much whomever we want whenever we want. We text, tweet, email, and call those we view as important in our lives. In fact, daily communication is key. When that area is lacking, things quickly fall apart don’t they?

The funny thing is, communication means different things to different people. For example, consider the difference between how men communicate compared to how women communicate. The average man uses about 15,000 words to say what’s on his mind, while women use 30,000 words a day. Now, before we get too hard on the women, we must admit that they have to tell their husband everything twice, so, that does account for some of the wordiness. Honestly, I must hand it to the women because the way they talk to each other is special-they complement each other and are exciting. On the other hand, if you listen to a typical male conversation, it will mostly be:

“How are you doin’?

“I’m okay. How bout’ you? Been fishin’?”

“Nope, not lately.”

Pretty empty conversation isn’t it? But, how many times do we as believers pray to God that way? “Dear Heavenly Father, please bless this food. Amen.” “Please get me through this day. Amen.” We are not going to make it in our Christian lives by uttering a few words to God, but we will if we develop a relationship with Him. Just coming to church is good, but there has to be more than that. We need to be able to talk to God as if we are talking with our best friend. We need to thank Him, praise Him, and try to know Him more. Don’t let your prayers to Him be like a conversation two men would have about their day. Let your conversation with Him be filled to the brim. Communicate with Him, and He will communicate with you. Don’t be content with the bare minimum with how you speak to the Lord each day. The truth is, your walk is not going to be any stronger than your prayer life. Take time to talk to your Father today. Communication is key.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder