Today’s Scripture: For thy name’s sake, O LORD, pardon mine iniquity; for it is great. Psalm 25:11

There was a prisoner who, every day and night, bemoaned himself because of his plight. He did not like being where he was. He complained about it and hated every second of it. All the while on the desk in his room lay an unopened envelope. Inside, the envelope contained a full pardon. Day after day he complained, moaned, and groaned. He completely wasted his life when he could have been free the whole time.

This is how countless people live today. Every person has the pardon available to them, but so many won’t accept it. They do not believe in Jesus’ death to pay for their sins. They never open the envelope, and their lives wither away in captivity to sin.

Even those who have accepted the pardon still live this way. We have the greatest thing, a full pardon, yet often we just spend our lives complaining. God wants to bless us with spiritual blessings, but we just worry and complain about what we don’t have. Christians live in captivity, yet they possess the greatest liberator of all: the gospel of grace.

Is that you? Do you waste away your life? Every believer has a purpose in their life, yet too many waste their lives caring only about the things of this world. Don’t be like the prisoner who could have been free but wasted his life. Don’t complain about what you don’t have when you have the greatest gift of all history. Thank God for His pardon, and use it to live out God’s purpose for your life.

Devotional by Jim Scudder Jr.